An Approximation Approach to Eigenvalue Intervals for Singular Boundary Value Problems with Sign Changing and Superlinear Nonlinearities

  • Haishen Lü1Email author,

    Affiliated with

    • RaviP Agarwal2, 3 and

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      • Donal O'Regan4

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        Boundary Value Problems20092009:103867

        DOI: 10.1155/2009/103867

        Received: 25 June 2009

        Accepted: 5 October 2009

        Published: 26 October 2009


        This paper studies the eigenvalue interval for the singular boundary value problem , where may be singular at , , and may change sign and be superlinear at . The approach is based on an approximation method together with the theory of upper and lower solutions.

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        Department of Applied Mathematics, Hohai University
        Department of Mathematical Sciences, Florida Institute of Technology
        KFUPM Chair Professor, Mathematics and Statistics Department, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
        Department of Mathematics, National University of Ireland


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