Constant Sign and Nodal Solutions for Problems with the -Laplacian and a Nonsmooth Potential Using Variational Techniques

  • Ravi P Agarwal1Email author,

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    • Michael E Filippakis2,

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      • Donal O'Regan3 and

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        • Nikolaos S Papageorgiou4

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          Boundary Value Problems20092009:820237

          DOI: 10.1155/2009/820237

          Received: 10 December 2008

          Accepted: 23 January 2009

          Published: 3 March 2009


          We consider a nonlinear elliptic equation driven by the -Laplacian with a nonsmooth potential (hemivariational inequality) and Dirichlet boundary condition. Using a variational approach based on nonsmooth critical point theory together with the method of upper and lower solutions, we prove the existence of at least three nontrivial smooth solutions: one positive, the second negative, and the third sign changing (nodal solution). Our hypotheses on the nonsmooth potential incorporate in our framework of analysis the so-called asymptotically -linear problems.

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          Department of Mathematical Sciences, Florida Institute of Technology
          Department of Mathematics, Hellenic Army Academy
          Department of Mathematics, National University of Ireland
          Department of Mathematics, National Technical University


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