Existence and Uniqueness Results for Perturbed Neumann Boundary Value Problems

  • Jieming Zhang1 and

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    • Chengbo Zhai2Email author

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      Boundary Value Problems20102010:494210

      DOI: 10.1155/2010/494210

      Received: 20 April 2010

      Accepted: 28 June 2010

      Published: 29 July 2010


      Using a fixed point theorem of general http://static-content.springer.com/image/art%3A10.1155%2F2010%2F494210/MediaObjects/13661_2010_Article_930_IEq1_HTML.gif -concave operators, we present in this paper criteria which guarantee the existence and uniqueness of positive solutions for two classes of nonlinear perturbed Neumann boundary value problems for second-order differential equations. The theorems for Neumann boundary value problems obtained are very general.

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