Multiple Positive Solutions of a Singular Emden-Fowler Type Problem for Second-Order Impulsive Differential Systems

  • EunKyoung Lee1 and

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    • Yong-Hoon Lee1Email author

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      Boundary Value Problems20102011:212980

      DOI: 10.1155/2011/212980

      Received: 14 May 2010

      Accepted: 26 July 2010

      Published: 10 August 2010


      This paper studies the existence, and multiplicity of positive solutions of a singular boundary value problem for second-order differential systems with impulse effects. By using the upper and lower solutions method and fixed point index arguments, criteria of the multiplicity, existence and nonexistence of positive solutions with respect to parameters given in the system are established.

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      Department of Mathematics, Pusan National University


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