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Table 2 Values of γ for each of the interface scenarios. DD denotes discontinuous density as described in Table 1. See [12]

From: An exact bifurcation diagram for a reaction–diffusion equation arising in population dynamics

Interface scenario γ-value
Continuous density \(\sqrt{\frac{S_{0} D_{0}}{r D}}\)
Type I DD \(\frac{1 - \alpha}{\alpha} \frac{\sqrt{S_{0}}}{\sqrt {r}}\)
Type II DD \(\frac{1 - \alpha}{\alpha} \frac{\sqrt{S_{0} D}}{\sqrt {r D_{0}}}\)
Type III DD \(\frac{1 - \alpha}{\alpha} \sqrt{\frac{S_{0} D_{0}}{r D}}\)