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Editorial Board Member Spotlight: Robert Finn

Finn_smallRobert Finn’s career has been largely motivated by problems of fluid mechanics, which lead to mathematical interpretations within the disciplines of Analysis and of Geometry. His initial paper characterized a range of pde’s of geometry and of physics, whose solutions admit no isolated singularities. This essentially nonlinear behavior... read more...

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Aims and scope

The main aim of Boundary Value Problems is to provide a forum to promote, encourage, and bring together various disciplines which use the theory, methods, and applications of boundary value problems. Boundary Value Problems will publish very high quality research articles on boundary value problems for ordinary, functional, difference, elliptic, parabolic, and hyperbolic differential equations. Articles on singular, free, and ill-posed boundary value problems, and other areas of abstract and concrete analysis are welcome. In addition to regular research articles, Boundary Value Problems will publish review articles.