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Multipoint Singular Boundary-Value Problem for Systems of Nonlinear Differential Equations

Boundary Value Problems20092009:137451

Received: 14 April 2009

Accepted: 16 August 2009

Published: 19 November 2009


A singular Cauchy-Nicoletti problem for a system of nonlinear ordinary differential equations is considered. With the aid of combination of Ważewski's topological method and Schauder's principle, the theorem concerning the existence of a solution of this problem (having the graph in a prescribed domain) is proved.


  • Differential Equation
  • Partial Differential Equation
  • Ordinary Differential Equation
  • Functional Equation
  • Nonlinear Differential Equation

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Authors’ Affiliations

Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, Brno University of Technology, Brno, Czech Republic
Department of Mathematics and Descriptive Geometry, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Brno University of Technology, Brno, Czech Republic


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