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Existence and Uniqueness of Very Singular Solution of a Degenerate Parabolic Equation with Nonlinear Convection

Boundary Value Problems20092009:415709

Received: 22 October 2008

Accepted: 8 April 2009

Published: 5 May 2009


We here investigate the existence and uniqueness of the nontrivial, nonnegative solutions of a nonlinear ordinary differential equation: satisfying a specific decay rate: with and . Here and . Such a solution arises naturally when we study a very singular self-similar solution for a degenerate parabolic equation with nonlinear convection term defined on the half line .


Differential EquationPartial Differential EquationOrdinary Differential EquationFunctional EquationParabolic Equation

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Authors’ Affiliations

School of Mathematical Sciences, Ocean University of China, Qingdao, China


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