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Boundary value problems for thend-order Seiberg-Witten equations


It is shown that the nonhomogeneous Dirichlet and Neuman problems for thend-order Seiberg-Witten equation on a compact-manifold admit a regular solution once the nonhomogeneous Palais-Smale condition is satisfied. The approach consists in applying the elliptic techniques to the variational setting of the Seiberg-Witten equation. The gauge invariance of the functional allows to restrict the problem to the Coulomb subspace of configuration space. The coercivity of the-functional, when restricted into the Coulomb subspace, imply the existence of a weak solution. The regularity then follows from the boundedness of-norms of spinor solutions and the gauge fixing lemma.

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Doria, C.M. Boundary value problems for thend-order Seiberg-Witten equations. Bound Value Probl 2005, 412046 (2005).

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