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Archived Comments for: A positive fixed point theorem with applications to systems of Hammerstein integral equations

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  1. Corrigendum

    Gennaro Infante, Universita' della Calabria

    8 July 2015

    The authors of the manuscript would like to point out the following.

    The statement of Theorem 3.1 is incorrect because condition $(3.2)$ does not imply in general condition $(3.3)$ which is used in the proof. If instead of  $(3.2)$ we assume

    $$0<\lambda_i \le  \frac{(1-c) \beta_i}{f_i(\beta_1,\beta_2)\gamma_{i}^{*}}, \quad \mbox{for some $(\beta_1,\beta_2)\in (0,B_1)\times (0,B_2)$,}$$

    then the result of Theorem 3.1 is true with the same proof. This change in Theorem 3.1 does not affect the example $(3.4)-(3.5)$.

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