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Table 1 Numerical results for the far-field pattern \(u_{\infty }(d)\) with \(k = 1\)

From: On the numerical solutions of two-dimensional scattering problems for an open arc

n \(\operatorname{Re}(e_{\infty }(d))\) ratio \(\operatorname{Re}(e^{E}_{\infty }(d))\) \(\operatorname{Im}(e_{\infty }(d))\) ratio \(\operatorname{Im}(e^{E}_{\infty }(d))\)
32 1.1017E−4 7.3137E−5
64 1.3733E−5 8.0220 4.3141E−8 9.0241E−6 8.1046 1.3488E−7
128 1.7245E−6 7.9642 8.8248E−9 1.1064E−6 8.1560 2.4662E−8
256 2.1803E−7 7.9094 2.8222E−9 1.2934E−7 8.5542 1.0240E−8