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Weak Solutions of a Stochastic Model for Two-Dimensional Second Grade Fluids

Boundary Value Problems20102010:636140

  • Received: 3 July 2009
  • Accepted: 28 February 2010
  • Published:


We initiate the investigation of a stochastic system of evolution partial differential equations modelling the turbulent flows of a second grade fluid filling a bounded domain of . We establish the global existence of a probabilistic weak solution.


  • Differential Equation
  • Partial Differential Equation
  • Ordinary Differential Equation
  • Weak Solution
  • Functional Equation

Publisher note

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Authors’ Affiliations

Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, 0002, South Africa
School of Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Study, 1 Einstein Drive, Princeton, NJ 08540, USA