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On the existence of positive solution for an elliptic equation of Kirchhoff type via Moser iteration method

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Boundary Value Problems20062006:79679

  • Received: 18 November 2005
  • Accepted: 18 April 2006
  • Published:


We investigate the questions of existence of positive solution for the nonlocal problem and on , where is a bounded smooth domain of , and and are continuous functions.


  • Differential Equation
  • Continuous Function
  • Partial Differential Equation
  • Ordinary Differential Equation
  • Functional Equation


Authors’ Affiliations

Departamento de Matemática-CCEN, Universidade Federal do Pará, Belém-Pará, 66.075-110, Brazil
Dedicated to our dear friend and collaborator Professor Claudianor O. Alves, Brazil


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