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  1. In this paper, we establish scaling invariant blow-up criteria for a classical solution to the simplified Ericksen–Leslie system in terms of the positive part of the second eigenvalue of the strain matrix and ...

    Authors: Zhengmao Chen and Fan Wu
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2023 2023:41
  2. In this paper, a nonclassical sinc collocation method is constructed for the numerical solution of systems of second-order integro-differential equations of the Volterra and Fredholm types. The novelty of the ...

    Authors: Mohammad Ghasemi, Keivan Mohammadi and Amjad Alipanah
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2023 2023:38
  3. An objective of this paper is to investigate the boundary value problem of a high-order nonlinear fractional q-difference equation. It was to obtain a unique iterative solution for this problem by means of applyi...

    Authors: Jufang Wang, Si Wang and Changlong Yu
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2023 2023:37
  4. In the article, we present multiple solutions for a second-order singular Dirichlet boundary value problem that arises when modeling the ocean flow of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current. The main tools of the p...

    Authors: Yongxin Jiang, Wei Shi and Xiaojuan Li
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2023 2023:33
  5. In this paper, we study the existence and uniqueness of a periodic solution for a third-order neutral delay differential equation (NDDE) by applying Mawhin’s continuation theorem of coincidence degree and anal...

    Authors: R. O. A. Taie and D. A. M. Bakhit
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2023 2023:25
  6. This research inscription gets to grips with two novel varieties of boundary value problems. One of them is a hybrid Langevin fractional differential equation, whilst the other is a coupled system of hybrid La...

    Authors: A. Boutiara, Mohammed M. Matar, Thabet Abdeljawad and Fahd Jarad
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2023 2023:22
  7. This paper introduces size-dependent modeling and investigation of the transverse vibrational behavior of rotating thermoelastic nanobeams by means of nonlocal elasticity theory. In the formulation, a model of...

    Authors: Ahmed E. Abouelregal, Marin Marin and Sameh S. Askar
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2023 2023:21
  8. In this paper we study the von Karman plate model with long range memory. By using the assumptions on the relaxation function due to Tatar (J. Math. Phys. 52:013502, 2011), we show an arbitrary rate of decay, whi...

    Authors: Jum-Ran Kang
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2023 2023:16
  9. In this paper, we consider fractional neutral differential equations with multipoint boundary value conditions involving Hadamard derivatives and integrals. We obtain the existence and uniqueness of the soluti...

    Authors: Qing Zhang, Chunshuo Li, Lina Zhou and Qiaoluan Li
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2023 2023:11
  10. In this paper, a class of nonlinear ψ-Hilfer fractional integrodifferential coupled systems on a bounded domain is investigated. The existence and uniqueness results for the coupled systems are proved based on th...

    Authors: Jue-liang Zhou, Yu-bo He, Shu-qin Zhang, Hai-yun Deng and Xiao-yan Lin
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2023 2023:10
  11. We prove the existence of the solutions for the new mixed differential equations, which is characteristic of the right-sided Caputo and the left-sided Riemann–Liouville fractional derivatives. There are four m...

    Authors: Yujing Liu, Chenguang Yan and Weihua Jiang
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2023 2023:9
  12. In this paper, we investigate the existence and uniqueness of fractional differential equations (FDEs) by using the fixed-point theory (FPT). We discuss also the Ulam–Hyers–Rassias (UHR) stability of some gene...

    Authors: Abdellatif Ben Makhlouf, El-sayed El-hady, Hassen Arfaoui, Salah Boulaaras and Lassaad Mchiri
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2023 2023:8
  13. The purpose of this work is to investigate the necessary conditions for the existence and uniqueness of solutions, and to introduce a new idea of α-confluent-hyper-geometric stability of an impulsive fractional d...

    Authors: Mohammad Bagher Ghaemi, Fatemeh Mottaghi and Reza Saadati
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2023 2023:4
  14. In this article, we focus on triple weak solutions for some p-Laplacian-type elliptic equations with Hardy potential, two parameters, and mixed boundary conditions. We show the existence of at least three dist...

    Authors: Jian Liu and Zengqin Zhao
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2023 2023:3
  15. In this present manuscript, by applying fractional quantum calculus, we study a nonlinear fractional pantograph q-difference equation with nonlocal boundary conditions. We prove the existence and uniqueness resul...

    Authors: Adel Lachouri, Mohammad Esmael Samei and Abdelouaheb Ardjouni
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2023 2023:2
  16. In this article, we propose an iterative method, called the GA iterative method, to approximate the fixed points of generalized α-nonexpansive mappings in uniformly convex Banach spaces. Further, we obtain some c...

    Authors: Godwin Amechi Okeke, Austine Efut Ofem and Hüseyin Işık
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2022 2022:103
  17. In this paper, we consider the Cauchy problem for fractional evolution equations with the Caputo derivative. This problem is not well posed in the sense of Hadamard. There have been many results on this proble...

    Authors: Nguyen Duc Phuong, Dumitru Baleanu, Ravi P. Agarwal and Le Dinh Long
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2022 2022:100
  18. The paper is devoted to finding a solution and restoring the right-hand side of the heat equation with reflection of the argument in the second derivative, with a complex-valued variable coefficient. We prove ...

    Authors: Elmira Mussirepova, Abdissalam Sarsenbi and Abdizhahan Sarsenbi
    Citation: Boundary Value Problems 2022 2022:99

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